"Elegance means true freedom of movement"

This quote from Coco Chanel has been, and will continue to be, the Leitmotiv of my fashion creations. This sentence implies a challenge, that fashion has to be wearable and, as a result, functional without overlooking elegance and beauty. As such, form and function are inextricably related. The combination of elegance and functionality also requires that a garment helps a woman to discover and refine her personal style, without enslaving her to fashion.

The fashion which is elegant and wearable will always be both timeless and contemporary because it is these two elements which are the foremost consideration in the creation of fashion trends. Making fashion, especially dance dresses, is not only creation and design, but it also craft. Unique dresses require a unique vision. Design ensures innovation. Craft guaranties quality.

Elegance means true freedom of movement. And, in the creation of dance wear , elegance is imperative.

Ute Prause
Fashion designer